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Legislative Highlights from June 17, 2024

Here’s a look at what happened on June 17, 2024, in the halls of U.S. legislation.

Top Movers and Shakers

Leading the charge, we had:

  1. Rhode Island House of Representatives: 45 bills

  2. Rhode Island State Senate: 42 bills

  3. New Jersey State Senate: 26 bills

  4. New Jersey General Assembly: 19 bills

  5. California State Senate: 14 bills

Rhode Island was on fire with 87 adopted bills, touching on everything from public safety to environmental protection.

Key Themes in Adopted Bills

  • Public Safety and Honor: Rhode Island’s Senate Bill S2696 now requires flags to be lowered to half-mast annually to honor first responders. A heartfelt move!

  • Health Awareness: California’s Senate Resolution SR98 declares October as Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. It’s all about increasing awareness and improving survival rates.

  • Environmental Protection: Rhode Island passed Senate Bill S2850 to reduce toxic packaging. A win for the planet!

  • Transportation Regulations: Rhode Island’s House Bill H7510 changes rules for taxicabs, including operational limits and insurance requirements.

  • Election Procedures: Rhode Island’s Senate Bill S2778 makes mail-in voting easier with a three-day transmittal period for mail ballot applications via postal service.

  • Wildlife Conservation: Rhode Island’s Senate Bill S2297 offers new protections for furbearing mammals.

New Bills on the Block

Here are some notable introductions:

  • New Jersey:

  • Senate Bill S3383: Loans for water supply projects.

  • Senate Bill S3384: Mental health education in public schools.

  • Massachusetts:

  • House Bill H4759: More liquor licenses in Bellingham.

  • House Bill H4760: Better management of municipal solid waste.

  • U.S. House:

  • House Resolution HR101: Tackling the opioid epidemic.

  • House Bill HB202: New cybersecurity standards for federal agencies.

A Quirky Highlight

Every day brings its quirks, and today’s fun bill is from Rhode Island:

  • Senate Bill S2698: August is now “Rhode Island Local Ice Cream Month.” Yep, you read that right! Time to support your local ice cream parlors and enjoy some summer treats.


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