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Powerful research,
easily translated for your tech partners.

a demonstration of a custom search using the RegAlytics User Interface (UI)

RegAlytics® revolutionizes the workflow of Subject Matter Experts' (SMEs) process with our advanced normalization techniques, enabling Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to effortlessly filter out irrelevant information and pinpoint the precise data required for their tasks.

Our platform offers an unparalleled ability to customize data views, allowing users to slice and dice regulatory information sourced from thousands of global regulators. This precise filtration ensures that you receive only the most relevant insights, tailored specifically to your needs. By eliminating the noise, SMEs can focus on critical trends, compliance requirements, and regulatory landscapes with unmatched accuracy and depth.

Moreover, RegAlytics® makes it easy to communicate these tailored insights to tech partners and customers. With our intuitive interface, sharing clear, actionable data across systems becomes seamless, enhancing collaboration and ensuring that everyone is aligned with your call to action.

RegAlytics® stands out as a leader in providing SMEs with the tools they need not only to understand, but also lead in their industries through strategic foresight and informed decision-making. Our commitment to data precision and easy communication empowers our clients to excel and innovate.

Intuitive User Interface

Our platform simplifies the search for vital information with advanced filtering options, allowing users to efficiently pinpoint specific news, events, regulations, and enforcement actions relevant to their needs. With our user-friendly interface, accessing a world of critical regulatory information becomes seamless, enabling professionals to make informed decisions quickly and stay ahead in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

coherent and customizable results delivered to you daily, weekly, or monthly via our user interface, email results, or convenient Excel download

API Access

quickly deploy derivative products with the largest dataset of global regulatory and governance data

For those looking for seamless integration and automation capabilities, RegAlytics® provides a comprehensive API that unlocks the full potential of our global regulatory database. Our API is designed for flexibility, offering developers and organizations the ability to incorporate daily regulatory data directly into their systems and workflows. With access to a wide range of data points across multiple dimensions of our normalized data, our API ensures that you have all the necessary tools to create custom solutions, enhance analytics, and maintain compliance with the latest regulations efficiently and effectively.

Digital Network

Regulatory Insight

Data Cloud

We transform the way our clients understand and interact with global regulatory and governance landscapes by providing deep regulatory insights through customized dashboards, reports, and visualizations. We enable subject matter experts to delve into the intricacies of regulatory changes, offering a clear, comprehensive view that facilitates strategic decision-making while democratizing access across all departments. Marketing and business development professionals leverage our insightful materials to position their organizations as thought leaders in their respective fields by presenting complex regulatory data in an accessible and engaging format. RegAlytics® empowers frontline professionals to stay at the forefront of compliance while enhancing their  ability to inform and influence their industry's dialogue on regulatory challenges and opportunities.


Recognizing the critical importance of navigating the complex world of global regulations, every subscriber benefits from up to 2 hours a month of dedicated time with a customer success agent who is not only a regulatory expert but also a committed partner in your success. Whether you need assistance refining searches, integrating our API into your in-house solutions, or staying abreast of the most pertinent regulatory changes, our experts are here to ensure that you leverage our platform to its fullest potential. We view our relationship with clients as a true partnership, prioritizing your needs and working closely with you to enhance your regulatory strategies and ensure compliance with confidence.


Ready to Be a Regulatory Expert in 5 Minutes a Week (or less, if we're being honest)?

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