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The Most Comprehensive Coverage - Anywhere

RegAlytics® sources alerts from more than five thousand regulators, which means we have alerts in our database that cover almost every sector. 

When you consider our nearest competitor only covers around one thousand regulators that’s quite a big gap, but we’re not done yet, not by a long shot.  You see, we estimate there are over twenty five thousand regulators in the US, and more than five million globally, so we have no plans to stop anytime soon.  We are adding new regulators every day and because we are a 'People First' company, if a new customer needs a sector we currently don’t cover, then we get to work.  It currently takes around fifteen minutes to activate a new regulator, so bringing a new sector online is not a difficult, or time-consuming task. 


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All four founder's have deep expertise in the financial services sector, so we started RegAlytics® by focusing on financial services alerts.  Almost immediately, our customers began requesting employment alerts, healthcare alerts, cannabis alerts, and more.

So, if you were wondering what drives the decision to  buildout a new sector it's you, our customers.  That's why we maintain the flexibility to add new sectors based entirely on customer demand.

Listening to your needs has enabled us to build a product that has five times the coverage of our nearest competitor, and by listening; we've learned.  We learned our customers are experts in fields that range far beyond financial services: from cannabis banking to crypto; from pet insurance to electric vehicles; from diabetes to supply chain management. So, instead of trying to be experts on everything, we remain focused on being the experts on regulators and the promulgation process and adding new sectors based on customer demand.

“RegAlytics helped cut hours of time we were spending trying to gather this information manually.  Now we can focus on the alerts that actually matter to us.”

NContracts, Compliance Team
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