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We Love Regulations

No, really. Like a lot.


Mary Kopczynski

Chief Executive Officer



Werner Pauliks

Chief Experience Officer



Alexander Appugliese

Chief Technology Officer


Team at work

The difference between a technology company that delivers data, and a people focused company that delivers information, is the former prioritizes the tech, while the latter is laser-focused on ensuring the complete utility of the product we deliver to our customers. 


The task of compliance is monumental, like trying to find a hundred needles in a million haystacks.  Given a choice, would you buy a tool because it has the latest hot tech embedded, or a tool designed by experts who have shared the responsibilities you have, and where you are never more than 24 hours away from the latest critical update you know is going to be in your inbox next morning?


At RegAlytics, tech is a means to an end, not the end itself.  Of course we use AI and ML to deliver alerts to customers every twenty four hours. But, for us, what matters is that we fulfill our mission to provide you with complete peace of mind by delivering a tool that's comprehensive, customizable and coherent.

From day one at RegAlytics, we set about creating an open and inclusive culture that puts people first.


We believe great products only come from great people helping other people do great things.  That’s why, for example, we designed RegAlytics to be fully customizable: because we wanted to provide you with the tools that would enable you to customize your alerts based on the way you work.  It’s why most product development decisions are driven by our customers’ needs, because we put people first

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