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The Global Supply Chain of Governance and Regulatory Data
Millions of alerts.
From thousands of agencies.
At your fingertips.

With RegAlytics®, we leverage best in class technology to normalize the day's governance, regulatory, and compliance notifications from thousands of agencies worldwide, giving you a meaningful summary with enriched metadata, and delivered to you in the way that fits best into your existing workflow.

No more visiting dozens of regulator websites, digging to find what you need, and pouring through pages of PDFs. No more building or monitoring thousands of scrapers - we combine our expertise of regulators and technology to ensure you get the data you need.


Just skim, save, share, and know exactly what you need in 10 minutes or less every morning.


Your coffee won't even have time to get cold before you're the most up to date regulatory expert in your subject matter domain.

regulatory nirvana as demonstrated by a group of people gathered around a globe

Rapidly Digestable

RegAlytics® ensures governance and regulatory insights are quickly understandable through multiple delivery options: intuitive UI, email, Excel, or API.


We streamline each data point with summarization and normalization, making information not only accessible but instantly actionable.


This efficient approach allows users to easily digest regulatory changes, facilitating informed decisions with minimal complexity.


With RegAlytics®, integrating insights into your workflow is fast and straightforward.

Shockingly Thorough

RegAlytics® boasts an expansive approach, offering coverage that spans a multitude of agencies, sectors, and regions, ensuring that you capture more relevant data points with coverage unmatched in the market.


Our platform uncovers insights that others miss, delivering a comprehensive view of the regulatory landscape that encompasses every corner of the globe.

With RegAlytics®, you're not just staying informed; you're gaining access to the most exhaustive regulatory intelligence available, ensuring no detail is beyond your reach.

Updated Daily

We understand the importance of staying ahead in the fast-paced world of regulatory changes.


That's why RegAlytics® keeps you informed with the most current insights, updated daily.


Every day, we meticulously scrape thousands of global regulators' websites, gathering a vast array of regulatory data.


This data undergoes a thorough normalization process, ensuring that you receive consistent, accurate, and actionable information.

Normalized Data

RegAlytics® revolutionizes the way governance and regulatory data is consumed by simplifying complex information into an accessible and searchable format.


Our advanced data normalization process ensures insights are easily understandable and retrievable, regardless of business function or expertise.


This approach democratizes governance and regulatory insights, making them a powerful tool for all, and ensures decision-makers can quickly find the information they need to navigate the governance and regulatory landscape confidently.

Ready to tap into the largest governance and regulatory alert dataset in the world?

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