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Data as a Service

The reason RegAlytics® is the world’s leading provider of regulatory updates is simple: We are laser-focused on creating a tool that is comprehensive, customizable, and coherent. 


In our previous role, performing regulatory crisis management for Wall Street banks, we couldn’t believe there wasn’t a resource available that allowed us to track the very latest updates from all the leading regulators.  So, we built our own.


We wanted to ensure the information available through RegAlytics® would provide our customers with the peace of mind they needed to perform their duties, as well as humanly possible. Our comprehensive platform, as of today, features alerts from more than 5,000 regulators globally.  In short, we made RegAlytics® so powerful, we built a company around it. 

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Infinitely Customizable

We've worked hard to ensure RegAlytics® is as customizable as possible.  Our mission is to provide you with an end product that fits into the way you work.


The video to the right highlights three of the tools that allow you to customize alerts around your specific needs; it will show how you can filter and search with surgical precision; transform a flood of data into a custom-designed data set; and use folders to track the specific alerts you're interested in.  It also shows how you can filter alerts by date – we currently keep records for up to two years - or, filter for when comments are due.


You'll also learn how to make your searches as simple, or as complex as you need, and how easy folders make it to organize your work and keep on top of the regulators you follow.  Click on the video to learn more.

Technology for Humans

One of the challenges with other RegTech products is they can be complicated and difficult to use.


As regulatory experts, we knew RegAlytics® had to be so simple you would need neither a law, nor computer science degree to use it.  So, we make sure all RegAlytics® alerts are “human readable.”  To accomplish this, our Analytics team cleanses and de-dupes the data, summarizes the content of every alert, and applies editorial rules that make it easy to quickly assess the information in each alert; and immediately start formulating a plan of action. 


We then let you choose precisely how you want to access your alerts, via our web UI, our API, or an excel download sent directly to your inbox.  Click on the video to see for yourself.

"The RegAlytics Data Feed allows my team to spend less time worrying about regulations, and more time focussing on higher level tasks.  The service paid for itself within a month."

Kate Robbins, Five Star Bank

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