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The global supply chain of the world's governance alerts 

RegAlytics® powers your governance and regulatory knowledge tools with the most comprehensive, coherent, and customizable governance data

 in the world.


Governance Data, Your Way

RegAlytics® makes governance and regulation accessible beyond legal experts, supporting teams across all sectors with insights from global regulatory bodies.


As the leading provider of governance and regulatory data, we offer innovative research tools and platforms to enhance thought leadership, education, and business development across industries like finance, healthcare, and technology.


We provide essential updates for various professions, ensuring you're informed and prepared without needing a legal background.


In just minutes a week, RegAlytics® empowers you to become the top governance expert in your field.

A woman quickly reviews her day's governance and regulatory updates from RegAlytics®

The Most Comprehensive

We're experts in regulators and the promulgation process. We know which agencies, in which geographies matter to you, and we make sure you get the information you need to take proactive action. From California to Cyprus, the United Kingdom to Uganda, Hong Kong to Hungary, we know all the world's regulators.

knowledge flowing out of books demonstrating the comprehensiveness of RegAlytics®

The Most Coherent

No code-switching, no figuring out how to get on Denise's special email list, no searching endlessly through Google for that one docket number. We normalize the data, enrich it with metadata, and deliver a consistent experience regardless of the data's origin.

knowledge swirls around the globe demonstrating the coherence of governance and regulatory updates from RegAlytics®

The Most Customizable

Web app, daily email, Excel file, or advanced API calls, we get you the information you need and want in exactly the way you want. We work closely with your team to deploy RegAlytics® in your organization to meet everyone's distinct daily workflow.

information flows into the mechanics demonstrating the customizability of governance and regulatory data from RegAlytics®

Trusted by the World's Top GRCs

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Hear It from Our Customers

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"The RegAlytics® Data Feed allows my team to spend less time worrying about regulations, and more time focussing on higher level tasks.  The service paid for itself within a month."

Chief of Product Compliance, Five Star Bank

How Do We Make Your Life Easier? 

Concise Daily Updates

Enriched Metadata

Direct Links to Source

Team Collaboration

Digital Gadgets

The Most Comprehensive Governance Data.

Delivered When You Need It.

Exactly How You Want It.

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